February started off with a bang, will there be March Mayhem?

Since the last update, there have been 2 NFL arrests, one of which resulted in no charges. There has been a lull in Fantasy Crime Activity for the past couple of weeks and we believe that those reasons will be over soon.
1. Spring is just around the corner
2. Free agents can sign their new contracts March 10.
We are pretty sure that they will find some ways to “celebrate” their new and improved contracts or just “enjoy” the warmer weather.

Former Baltimore Ravens CB Victor Hampton
-DWI (Misdemeanor)
-Reckless Driving (Misdemeanor)
-Open Container (Misdemeanor)

On February 28, 2015 Mr. Hampton was pulled over in Charlotte for doing 100 mph in a 55 mph zone. His BAC was found to be .10. Also Mr. Hampton’s passengers allegedly hid weapons under the front passengers seats, as they were charged with carrying a concealed weapon, carrying a weapon after consuming alcohol and open container charges. Following the arrest and charges, Mr. Hampton was dropped from his contract with the Ravens. The Ravens led the Fantasy Crime League in the number of arrests last year and it took them a month, but they are now on the board. They have a next criminal up mentality in Baltimore. 3 points for DWI, 2 points for reckless driving, and 1 point for open container. 6 points total.

Green Bay Packers DB Jarrett Bush
-Public Intoxication (Not Charged)

Mr. Bush was arrested in California for public intoxication following a kerfuffle at an Italian restaurant on March 1, 2015. When the authorities arrived, Mr. Bush refused to leave the establishment and was causing a disturbance, he was then arrested. Mr. Bush was cooperative in custody and then released without charges. Looks like Mr. Bush met his peers at the wrong time in our Italian restaurant. This off season, the Green Bay Packers have had 2 arrests, which is unprecedented activity for them in the Fantasy Crime League. No charges, no points.

Notes about franchise tags- these tagged players are with their 2014 team going into the 2015 off-season. Houston (KC), Bryant (DAL), Clay (MIA), Gostkowski (NE), D.Thomas (DEN), & Pierre-Paul (NYG)

If a player was not tagged ie. Suh, he is still with the Lions until March 10  at the time his contract expires- 4 pm EDT, after that, he is a free agent until he signs with an NFL team. All free agents- restricted or unrestricted will be treated the same.

The Green Bay Packers are still the surprise of the off-season, leading the competition with 10 points. Traditional Fantasy Crime League powers: the Indianapolis Colts and Baltimore Ravens are tied for 3rd place with 6 points a piece, and America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys, are in 4th place- on the board with 3 points. The rest of the league has no points. Once free agency hits and players sign, we have a feeling they may not be as well-behaved as they have been previously. The Fantasy Crime League will be sure to keep you updated on all the off-season activity.

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