Oh when the Saints go marching in on to the leaderboard!

There has been one confirmed NFL arrest since the last update. You may have heard that a football player named Geno Smith got a DUI, yes that it true, but he plays for the University of Alabama, not the New York Jets. The Crimson Tide are having themselves quite a 5 day period with 3 arrests for DUI,domestic violence assault/criminal mischief, and marijuana. Roll Damn Tide. The lone NFL arrest of the week belongs to New Orleans and the Saints go marching in on the arrest board with an resisting arrest charge.

New Orleans Saints CB Brian Dixon
-Resisting an Officer without violence(misdemeanor)


Mr. Dixon was arrested on Sunday 3/29 early in the morning for resisting an officer, after being pulled over on his moped in Miami Beach. He questioned the officer why it wasn’t permitted and that led to his arrest. Later in the morning, Dixon tweeted, “It hurts to know that I wasn’t causing no trouble and was fully cooperating. 😦 ” I think we can take his tweet 10x more seriously because of the sad face. 2 points for the resisting an officer, as it is being counted it as a crime against justice. This Saints off-season gets better with their first arrest.

The fantasy crime surprise Green Bay Packers remain in 1st place, with the Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts trailing not far behind at 2nd and 3rd. The 49ers, Cowboys, Cardinals, Saints, and Steelers round out 4th, 6th, 6th, 7th and 8th respectively. There are 8 NFL teams on the board. Each conference has 5 arrests each, and the NFC has an arrest in each division. AFC North is leading the league in arrests and tied for most points as well. We are about 2 months into the off-season and about to get some new blood in with the NFL draft later this month. Leaving plenty more chances for points to be earned! Be sure to get all your latest Fantasy Crime League updates right here!

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