Chicago Bears end 5 week drought. NFC North continues domination!

Former Chicago Bears DL Ray McDonald
-Domestic Violence (Misdemeanor )
-Child Endangerment (Assumed Misdemeanor)

Mr. McDonald has had his fair share of legal troubles lately. This is his second arrest in 9 months and he is currently a suspect in an ongoing sexual assault investigation (which is the reason why he got cut by 49ers midseason in 2014-15). According to the reports, on Monday morning May 25th, police were called to an apartment in Santa Clara, CA around 3:48 am when it was reported that a woman locked herself in a room and McDonald allegedly broke a door down and attacked her while she was holding the baby. When police arrived, Mr. McDonald was not there, but he was found and arrested hours later in San Jose, at former 49ers teammate Justin Smith’s house. Yesterday, hours after his arrest was reported, Mr. McDonald was released by the Chicago Bears. Right now the Child Endangerment charge is assumed to be a misdemeanor, will stay at that, unless it is confirmed to be a felony. According to the news report video, the domestic violence was a misdemeanor. Since both charges were a crime directly against people, they will be scored as such. Domestic Violence= 3 points, Child Endangerment = 3 points, 1 bonus point for another NFL domestic violence charge, which seem to keep coming even with the shield’s attempts to stop them from happening. 7 Points total for Mr. McDonald.

One note about the San Francisco 49ers, one of their players- Ahmad Brooks was sued earlier this month by a woman, but it is in civil court- not criminal, therefore no points have been awarded at this time. Mr. Ray McDonald is also suing this same woman for defamation.

With the Chicago Bears breaking the NFL arrest drought, they have put the NFC North above all divisions, including the entire AFC! 3/4 teams in the division have an arrest- the only team not to have anything on the board, is the Minnesota Vikings. This division is on a roll as they have 50% of the NFL overall Fantasy Crime points, and 70% of NFC Fantasy Crime points.

The Detroit Lions still lead the standings with 11 points, the Green Bay Packers are in 2nd with 10 points. The Baltimore Ravens are in 3rd with 9 points. The Chicago Bears come onto the leader board in 4th place with a touchdown. The Indianapolis Colts fall to 5th place with 6 points. The San Francisco 49ers are in 6th place with 4 points. The Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals are tied for 8th place with 3 points. The New Orleans Saints are in 9th place with 2 points and the Pittsburgh Steelers round out 10th place with 1 point. The rest of the league has no arrests. Make sure to get your official crime updates here only at!

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