The Buffalo Bills get on the board with a beach brawl!

There has been 1 arrest since the last update. A Buffalo Bills position coach was arrested over the weekend. Rex Ryan said he wanted to build a bully on the field, guess he hired one off it it too. Let’s get into it.

Buffalo Bills Offensive Line Coach Aaron Kromer
-Assault (misdemeanor)

Mr. Kromer was arrested Sunday, July 12 at 1:39 am after an incident with 3 minors involving the use of beach chairs at Inlet Beach in Walton County, FL. Mr. Kromer allegedly took one of the boys fishing poles and threw it into the water. Afterwards, he allegedly pushed one of them to the ground and punched them in the eye. Lastly, he was reported to threaten to kill a boy’s family if they told the authorities and came back to his residence.

During his employment as an offensive coordinator with the Chicago Bears, he criticized his QB Jay Cutler, behind his back to an NFL insider and he later admitted to it with a tearful apology at a team meeting. He has come a far way since then because oddly enough, he had no trouble confronting 3 minors to their face and then some, about the use of beach chairs. Mr. Kromer was charged with assault and battery. Looks like the Bills have found a bully they were looking for, and they have placed him on indefinite paid administrative leave. 3 points for battery, 3 points for assault, 1 bonus point for it being a coach and him taking this Bills Mafia thing a little too seriously. 7 points for the Buffalo Bills. (update: Saw Battery/Assault in article, only battery on police report. Will update points as necessary. Also Mr. Kromer’s son, Zach was charged with battery as well.)

The top 4 remain the same, Green Bay Packers in 1st, Detroit Lions in 2nd, while the Houston Texans and Baltimore Ravens are tied for 4th place. The Buffalo Bills and Chicago Bears are tied for 6th, while 7th, 8th and 9th place belongs to the Indianapolis Colts, Atlanta Falcons & San Francisco 49ers, respectively. 10th place belongs to both the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals while the New Orleans Saints and Pittsburgh Steelers round out 11th and 12th place respectively. Well, the AFC East has its first arrest of the off-season. It’s mid July and we are getting closer to the beginning of football season. Be sure to get all your Fantasy Crime news here at!

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