49ers’ disastrous off-season keeps on rolling, we have a new number 1 in the FCL

Wake up,  wake up, wake up its the first of the month. Which also happens to be the last calendar month of the fantasy crime league. Only 9 days away from the NFL’s Golden Season kickoff on Thursday 9/10.
Well there has been one NFLer charged since the last update.

San Francisco 49ers LB Ahmad Brooks
-Sexual Battery (Misdemeanor)

Mr. Brooks and former teammate Mr. McDonald were charged on a  count of sexual battery and rape of an intoxicated person respectively. The charges stem from an incident in December 2014 at Mr. McDonald’s home in Santa Clara. The 49ers were aware of this fact at the time. Although this is a sexual battery charge, it is a misdemeanor, but I will count it as 4 points because of it’s aggravating nature. On the scoring table- felonies and up are 4 points, since I had sexual assault being 8 points, I will have to clarify that forceful rapes are 8 points, (for statutory rape I will make a ruling based on the facts) 4 points for misdemeanor sexual battery, 1 bonus point for the proverbial cherry on top of a great off-season for the Santa Clara 49ers.

The latest standings:  The San Francisco 49ers take the lead with 17 points. The  surprise of the fantasy crime league, the Green Bay Packers fall to 2nd with 14 points.  The rest of  standings remain the same so the Detroit Lions and Kansas City Chiefs are tied for 4th place. The Houston Texans are in 5th place holding the tiebreaker over the Baltimore Ravens in 6th place. The Chicago Bears are in 7th place, Indianapolis Colts are in 8th place, while the New York Jets, Atlanta Falcons, and Tennessee Titans are tied for 11th place. The Buffalo Bills hold on to the 12th spot, while the New Orleans Saints are in 13th place. The Arizona Cardinals, Dallas Cowboys, and Carolina Panthers are tied for 16th place with the Pittsburgh Steelers are on the board, rounding out 17th place.  The NFC North still leads all divisions by far with 32 points on 5 arrests, the next highest is the AFC South with 21 points on 4 arrests, NFC West is in 3rd with 20 points on 4 arrests.  The NFC has 58.3% of total arrests, and 56.7% of total fantasy crime points.  So the Fantasy Crime League ends on 9/10 with the kickoff of the first game, but there is a one week run off- for any previous arrests/charges to be reported, after that, the standings will lock and the Fantasy Crime League champion will be crowned. Stay tuned here for all the latest updates.

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