Congrats to the 49ers on winning the FCL 2015!

Well folks, football is back and the off season is over. The NFL should consider it a successful off-season, as no current player got arrested for murder 1.

The top three teams in the fantasy crime are all in the NFC and 2 of them are in the same division (NFC North FTW).
1st- San Francisco 49ers – 17 pts, 3 arrests
2nd- Green Bay Packers – 14 pts, 3 arrests (1 No Charges)
3rd- Detroit Lions – 11 pts, 1 arrest

While the San Francsico 49ers were expected to produce off the field (they went number 1 in our crime league draft) and they did, the surprise of the off-season is undoubtedly the Green Bay Packers. As much as it pains me to say that this organization does things the right way, as do many of their players. After that heartbreaking collapse in the NFC title game, the team had some players stray away from their organization’s squeaky clean image.

Fast facts compared to FCL 2014:
Arrests decreased 27% from last year. 24 compared to 33
Fantasy Crime points are also down 15%. 117 compared to 135
17 teams this year had an arrest, down from 19 last year.

Well folks, we hope that we kept you accurately updated on the off-season comings and goings. We will see you back next off-season! Take care and enjoy the rest of the NFL season.


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