Coming Soon: Fantasy Crime League 2016

Well folks, this weekend is NFL championship Sunday. Both should be very interesting games. Manning vs. Brady for perhaps the last time? and another #1 vs #2 showdown which is a very different rematch of an NFC wild card game last year.

New Changes for 2016:
Modified the scoring system, highlights include:
raised Murder in the 1st/2nd degree to 20/15 points respectively
raised felony guns/drugs to 6 points.
Kidnapping and up have been elevated accordingly.

Because law enforcement may want to have some charges stick or attempt to throw the book at a FCL participant, they may choose to implicate the accused on an exorbitant amount of criminal charges, many of which have clear parallels. We believe that a capping system is best in the interest of parity for this league.

Felonies: 1st felony gets full points. 2nd felony gets half of the points tier and each additional felony charge of a similar nature results in 1 point. (Note: for heinous crimes like rape and murder, the capping system will be lifted)
Misdemeanor: 1st misdemeanor gets full points and each additional misdemeanor charge of a similar nature gets 1 additional point.

Hope you all enjoy the games this weekend and the big game in February. We will see you back here for all the updates in the Fantasy Crime League! Take care.

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