Indianapolis Colts LB Newsome, arrested for having some loud after being too loud.

Indianapolis Colts LB Jonathan Newsome
– Possession of Marijuana (2 counts) (misdemeanor)

Jonathan Newsome’s arrest wasn’t first time cops found weed at his house

Early morning on Wednesday, 2/17, the police were called to Mr. Newsome’s apartment regarding a noise complaint. So the cops were there to inform him that it was too loud, but apparently they also found that he was in possession of some loud as well. He was arrested for 2 possession of marijuana charges. Looking at Indiana law, the reason why he got 2 charges is because there is a separate charge for those with a prior drug offense. According to the article, he was also just charged on Jan 31. The capping system is in play here. 3 points for the first misdemeanor drug charge and 1 point for the additional drug charge. 4 points total for the Indianapolis Colts.

Well folks as of now we have a virtual tie for 1st as both the Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts have 4 points on 1 arrest and an equal highest arrest tier. Both the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns are awaiting to see if they make the board this week. I hope you all have a great week and be sure to get all the latest Fantasy Crime League information here!

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