Jets take off to 1st place, LA Chargers on the board.

Hope you all are enjoying the President’s Day holiday today, whether you are off or working to make America great again. There has been 1 person who turned themselves in and 1 arrest to start off the season. Let’s get into them.

NY Jets CB Darrelle Revis
-2 counts Aggravated Assault (felony)
– Robbery (felony)
-Conspiracy in regards to Aggravated Assault (felony)
– Terroristic Threats (misdemeanor)

Early Sunday morning, 2/12- Mr. Revis had an altercation with 2 individuals after he was being filmed and followed by them on a cell phone. Well after Darelle tried to delete those videos in question, those 2 individuals were knocked out. 1 of them had an orbital fracture. Mr. Revis turned himelf into authorities on 2/17 friday night and he was later released on non monetary bond. 2 counts of aggravated assault, Conspiracy to commit aggravated assault (capped), terroristic threats (capped as assault), and felonious Robbery. Since he did allegedly beat up 2 people, the aggravated assaults will be counted as separate. The point break down is 4 for robbery, 4 for agg assault, 4 for the agg assault, 2 for conspiracy (capped for felony-half), 1 for terroristic threats (misdemeanor add on), and 1 bonus point for the double KO. Please do note that “terroristic” threats are not related to terrorism. 16 points for the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets Jets.

Los Angeles Chargers OT King Dunlap V
-Violating a protective order (misdemeanor)

On Thursday 2/16, Mr. Dunlap was arrested in Hermitage, TN at his girlfriend’s house for violating a protective order after neighbors saw his car in the driveway and called it in. He was later released on bond. Mr. Dunlap maintains that this was all a misunderstanding because his girlfriend asked him if he needed clothes at the place and they are working through a joint resolution. 2 points for violating the court order. LA Chargers are on the board.

The Jets are in 1st place with 16 points and the LA Chargers are on the board in second place with 2 points. The rest of the league is yet to score.
Be sure to get all your fantasy crime league updates right here!

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