1 of the Broncos get a citation, Jaguars Fowler has an add on charge.

Well Labor Day weekend is upon us and as summer comes to an end… the fantasy crime league comes to a close. There have been 1 citation and 1 updated rapsheet since the last update. Reminder the fantasy crime league ends on 9/7 at 8:35 EDT pm kickoff of KC @ NE TNF game. There will be a 1 week runoff to make sure we got the news correct and if anything else comes in. Let’s get into it.

Denver Broncos WR Emmanuel Sanders
-Careless Driving (Misdemeanor)

On 8/22 in the morning, Mr. Sanders and another driver were involved in a minor accident as it appears that both tried to use the median to get around traffic. Both were cited for careless driving which is a misdemeanor and also has a court summons. Mr. Sanders was cleared to practice later that day after having a headache. 2 points for the Denver Broncos.

Jacksonville Jaguars DE Dante Fowler Jr.
-Petit Theft (Misdemeanor)


From his July Arrest, Mr. Fowler also had Petit Theft added to his rap sheet. 2 extra points for the Jaguars.

The Jets remain in 1st with 24 points. The Colts are in 2nd with 16 points. The Ravens round out the top 3 with 14 points. The Cowboys remain in 4th place with 14 points due to tiebreaker. The Giants are in 5th place with 11 points. The 49ers are in 6th with 8 points. The Jacksonville Jaguars are in 7th with 8 points. The Oakland Raiders are in 8th place with 7 points, holding tiebreaker over the Houston Texans who are in 9th place with 7 points, and they hold tiebreaker over the Packers who are in 10th with also 7 points. The broncos are in 11th place with 7 points. Th Seahawks are in 12th with 6 points. The Bears are in 13th place with 5 points. The Bills are in 14th with 4 points. The Panthers are in 15th with 3 points and hold tiebreaker over Redskins in 16th with 3 also. In 17th place is the Chargers with 2 points, who hold tiebreaker over Cardinals in 18th place. In 19th place is the Chiefs with also 2 points. Rounding out those on the board in 22nd place are the Rams, Steelers, and Vikings, with 1 point apiece.

Well I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend, where ever you may be. Take care and have a great rest of the week.

Also if you would like to make a donation to Hurricane Harvey relief,as they need it badly. I left two links below.

Red Cross Hurricane Harvey
JJ Watt’s Houston Flood Relief Fund

Thank you. Texas Forever.

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