Carolina Panthers get on the board with an assault citation in smashville.

Well, the NFL draft has come and gone, did you team pick up a future FCL all star? Much like NFL success, only time will tell. Not much activity in the FCL world, there has been 1 citation since the last update. I thought maybe 49ers GM John Lynch being investigated for ROBBERY of da bears, but it is not robbery if it was agreed to.

Carolina Panthers OL Michael Oher

Last month, April 14, Mr. Oher was cited for assault after an incident involving an uber ride in Nashville where Mr. Oher allegedly knocked the uber driver to the ground and kicked him. He was later restrained by the other passengers. He has a notice to appear in court in Davidson County on May 8, today. The Panthers are aware of the arrest and had no further comment. This behavior seems to be out of character of Mr. Oher and the team was caught very off guard by the news, you might even say that they were blindsided by it. 3 points for the Carolina Panthers.

Well the Jets and Colts remain tied for 1st place with 16 points each on 1 arrest. The Ravens are in 3rd place with 12 points. SThe eahawks are in 4th place with 5 points and hold the tiebreaker over the Bears with also 5 points due to the higher arrest tier charge. Tied for 7th place are the Packers and Panthers with 3 points. In 8th place are the Chargers with 2 points. Tied for 10th place with 1 point each are the Rams and Chiefs. Get your latest fantasy crime league updates right here.

* Chiefs TE Demetrius Harris I believe still hasn’t been formally charged with felony marijuana possession, will keep an eye out.

1 arrest and 1 formally charged, the Jaguars and Seahawks are on the FCL board.

Well folks, its been nearly a month since the last update and surprisingly there was no NFL arrests over the 4th of July weekend and it does seem that no one has lost any limbs or digits. There was one arrest and one formally charged since then. Let’s get into them.

Jacksonville Jaguars LB Dan Skuta
-First Degree Battery (Misdemeanor)

Mr. Skuta was arrested early morning on June 19 for first degree battery in Orlando where he allegedly pushed a woman in the face with an open hand and she hit her head on a window. The incident was after the two were flirting and Skuta asked for her number and she refused to provide said number. 3 points for the battery charge and 1 bonus point for don’t call me maybe. 4 points total for the Jags.

Also in other Jags news, QB Denard Robinson was found by authorities napping it out in his car with a female companion while it was partly submerged in a pond. No charges or citations were filed.

Seattle Seahawks QB Trevone Boykin
-Assault causing bodily harm (Misdemeanor)

Mr. Boykin was arrested in 2015 while his team, TCU was preparing for the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio. He was initially charged with assaulting a public servant (a 3rd degree felony), public intoxication and resisting arrest. He got suspended and missed the game, but now he was just formally charged with assault causing bodily harm on June 29, 2016. so thats 3 points and 1 bonus for the charges taking >6 months to come out. Mr. Boykin has pleaded no contest and received 1 year of probation, must be nice. 4 points total for the Seattle Seahawks.

Well the LA Rams still lead with 11 points, and the Denver Broncos are in 2nd with 6 points. There is now a 3 way tie for 5th, with the Indianapolis Colts, Seattle Seahawks, and Jacksonville Jaguars all with 4 points. The Baltimore Ravens and New Orleans Saints are tied for 7th with 3 points each. The Carolina Panthers drop to 8th place with 2 points and the Houston Texans are on the board with 1 point in 9th place. There has been a dropoff in arrests this off-season, but we will continue to monitor them for you. Training camp and preseason football is just around the corner. Be sure to get all the latest FCL updates right here! Take care everyone.

The Detriot Lions get on the board in a big way. NFC North on top!

There has been 1 confirmed arrest since the last update, and surprisingly it belongs to the Detroit Lions, who have their first alleged criminal activity of the Jim Caldwell era, that’s nearly 15 months without an arrest!

Former Detroit Lions OL Rodney Austin
-Assault on a Female (Misdemeanor)
-Assault on a child < age 12 (Misdemeanor)
-Misdemeanor Larceny
-Interfering with emergency communication (Misdemeanor)

Mr. Austin turned himself into the authorities on Friday 4/17/15 after the alleged victim went to the Mecklenburg County Magistrate’s Office and obtained a warrant for the arrest of Mr. Austin the day before (In North Carolina, this is permissible under the law). The incident which sparked the warrant was on Sunday 4/5/15 when Mr. Austin allegedly pushed the mother of his child down while she was holding their kid and then took her cell phone to forbid her from calling the authorities. When the police did arrive, they found no signs of injury and did not arrest Mr. Austin at the time.

Yes. Mr. Austin has spent much of his time with the Lions on the practice squad, but he was on the roster at the time of the arrest. (In fact, he may even come back to the team when this legal case gets resolved

3 points each for both assault charges, 2 points for misdemeanor larceny for taking the cell phone , 2 points for interfering with emergency communication (indirectly putting people in danger). 1 bonus point for another NFL domestic violence incident. 11 points total.

The Lions remove their division rival Packers from the top spot on the fantasy crime leader board. They have 11 points and are in 1st place. The Packers remain in 2nd with 10 points. The Ravens are in 3rd place with 9 points. The Colts and 49ers are in 4th and 5th place with 6 and 4 points respectively. Tied for 7th place are the Cowboys and Cardinals with a field goal. The Saints and Steelers round out 8th and 9th place. The rest of the league has no points. The NFC North holds the top 2 spots and accounts for nearly 43% of the total FCL points. The NFC and AFC are similar in arrests, (6 vs 5 respectively), but the NFC averages 2 points more per arrest and has 66% of the total FCL points.

Well it’s a big sports week, with the NFL draft starting on Thursday, where we will all be getting new players on our FCL rosters. As of now before the draft, without any trades: the Seahawks have 11 picks, while the Bills, Bears, Lions, Dolphins, Jets, Rams, & Chargers all have 6 picks each.

For clarification: any team that drafts a player has his rights until the moment said player signs with another team and/or is cut. This is for easiness in that the rules don’t stipulate that a player must sign with the team that drafted him to count as being on the roster. Aside from the draft, the NHL/NBA playoffs are in full swing, the Kentucky Derby, & of course the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight. Will any NFL big shots be in Vegas for the fight? Will Wes Welker say hi to molly and pass out benji’s at the derby again? Only time will tell, May 2 can’t get here soon enough…