Cowboys jump to 4th place with an agg assault. Bills are on the board with a gun charge.

Since the last update, there have been 2 arrests. I have not heard of any NFLers getting their digits blown off, so thats a good thing. Hope you all had a great time celebrating the greatness that is the good ol’ US of A.
Let’s get into the arrests.

Dallas Cowboys LB Damien Wilson
-(2 counts) Aggravated Assault with a deadly weapon (Felony)

Mr. Wilson was arrested on 2 counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on July 4th at a Freedom Fest event in Frisco, TX. He allegedly backed his truck into a woman while parking and then flaunted his rifle at a man. He was later released from custody after posting the 20 grand for bail. The Cowboys are aware of the arrest and have no comment. So 4 points each for the aggravated assaults- I am counting them as separate because the truck and the firearm are different. 1 bonus point for the date/location- freedom fest and it’s when we celebrate our independence day! 9 points total for America’s team.

Buffalo Bills DT Adolphus Washington
-Improperly Carrying a Concealed Weapon(Misdemeanor)

On Sunday night, 7/9- Mr. Washington was arrested at a Cincinnati waterpark after he reached for and displayed his firearm in his vehicle right in front of the police. He does have a valid state CCW permit, but he was in violation of it with his alleged actions. He was processed and later released. Mr. Washington is due back in court on July 24. That’s 3 points for the misdemeanor weapons charge and 1 bonus point for the stupidity. 4 for the Bills.

The Jets remain in 1st with 24 points. The Colts are in 2nd with 16 points. The Ravens round out the top 3 with 14 points. The Cowboys rise to 4th place with 13 points. The 49ers are in 5th with 8 points. The Packers are in 6th with 7 points. Seahawks are in 7th with 6 points. The Bears and Broncos are tied for 9th place with 5 points. The Bills are on the board in 10th with 4 points. The Panthers and Giants are tied for 12th with 3 points and hold tiebreaker over Redskins in 13th with 3 also. In 14th place is the Chargers with 2 points, who hold tiebreaker over Cardinals in 15th place. In 16th place is the Chiefs with also 2 points. Rounding out those on the board are the Rams and Vikings, with 1 point apiece. All divisions in the NFL have at least an arrest and the AFC East leads the rest with 28 points. Training camps are fast approaching, last couple weeks of total freedom for NFL players and personnel. Be sure to get the latest fantasy crime news right here. Take care everybody.

3 arrests, Eagles, Bills are on the Board and Colts move up to 2nd.

Well howdy folks, there’s been 3 arrests since the last Fantasy Crime League update. Let’s get into them.

Indianapolis Colts RB Robert Turbin
-Suspicion of possession of marijuana(misdemeanor)

Mr. Turbin was arrested for possession of marijuana on July 8 at 11:30 pm after being pulled over for a stop sign violation in Logan City, UT. Police smelled burnt marijuana in the car and found a marijuana cigarette inside the vehicle. Marijuana like many things in Utah, yes is a crime, so that is 3 points total for the Indianapolis Colts.

Buffalo Bills RB Jonathan Williams
-DWI (misdemeanor)

Mr. Williams was arrested in Arkansas early morning on July 14 for DWI. He failed the field sobriety test, but did not agree to complete the breathalyzer test on advice from his agent. He bonded out later and faces a future court date. 3 points total for the Buffalo Bills.

Philadelphia Eagles LB Nigel Bradham
-Aggratved Battery (Felony)

On Monday, July 25th, Mr. Bradham turned himself into authorities regarding an incident on Thursday 7/21 at a Miami Hotel where he and his group allegedly beat up a cabana boy due to the time it took to get an umbrella. Bradham supposedly struck the employee in the face and said employee also got many lacerations and cuts, possibly from a glass bottle being smashed on top of his head. Bradham and the group then fled the scene. The Eagles are aware of the incident and have no comment. Well folks, thats 4 points for the felony battery and 1 bonus point for the story, hope their NFC East rivals play Rihanna- Umbrella whenever they can.
5 points total for the Philadelphia Eagles.

The LA Rams hold on to the top spot with 11 points. The Indianapolis Colts move up to 2nd with 7 points. The reigning champions the Denver Broncos are in 3rd place with 6 points. The Philadelphia Eagles are a new addition to the board and fly to 4th place with 5 points. The Seattle Seahawks and Jacksonville Jaguars are tied for 6th place with 4 points each. The Baltimore Ravens, New Orleans Saints, and Buffalo Bills are tied for 9th place with 3 points each. Rounding out 10th and 11th place are the Carolina Panthers and Houston Texans with 2 and 1 points respectively. Well looks like NFL Training Camps are in session or will soon be. The NFL season is nearly upon us. There will be a Pokemon GO Bonus Point should anyone charged in the FCL whilst playing said game.
Hope you have a great rest of the week and please be sure to get all your latest Fantasy Crime League news right here!