1 of the Broncos get a citation, Jaguars Fowler has an add on charge.

Well Labor Day weekend is upon us and as summer comes to an end… the fantasy crime league comes to a close. There have been 1 citation and 1 updated rapsheet since the last update. Reminder the fantasy crime league ends on 9/7 at 8:35 EDT pm kickoff of KC @ NE TNF game. There will be a 1 week runoff to make sure we got the news correct and if anything else comes in. Let’s get into it.

Denver Broncos WR Emmanuel Sanders
-Careless Driving (Misdemeanor)

On 8/22 in the morning, Mr. Sanders and another driver were involved in a minor accident as it appears that both tried to use the median to get around traffic. Both were cited for careless driving which is a misdemeanor and also has a court summons. Mr. Sanders was cleared to practice later that day after having a headache. 2 points for the Denver Broncos.

Jacksonville Jaguars DE Dante Fowler Jr.
-Petit Theft (Misdemeanor)


From his July Arrest, Mr. Fowler also had Petit Theft added to his rap sheet. 2 extra points for the Jaguars.

The Jets remain in 1st with 24 points. The Colts are in 2nd with 16 points. The Ravens round out the top 3 with 14 points. The Cowboys remain in 4th place with 14 points due to tiebreaker. The Giants are in 5th place with 11 points. The 49ers are in 6th with 8 points. The Jacksonville Jaguars are in 7th with 8 points. The Oakland Raiders are in 8th place with 7 points, holding tiebreaker over the Houston Texans who are in 9th place with 7 points, and they hold tiebreaker over the Packers who are in 10th with also 7 points. The broncos are in 11th place with 7 points. Th Seahawks are in 12th with 6 points. The Bears are in 13th place with 5 points. The Bills are in 14th with 4 points. The Panthers are in 15th with 3 points and hold tiebreaker over Redskins in 16th with 3 also. In 17th place is the Chargers with 2 points, who hold tiebreaker over Cardinals in 18th place. In 19th place is the Chiefs with also 2 points. Rounding out those on the board in 22nd place are the Rams, Steelers, and Vikings, with 1 point apiece.

Well I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend, where ever you may be. Take care and have a great rest of the week.

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Broncos and Giants are on the board with domestic violence (non-physical) and OVI arrests, respectively.

There has been 2 arrests since the last update. Hopefully you all had a great fathers day weekend, whether you got to spend some time with your old man, gave him a call, gifted him some BBB Z02’s (that way he knows youre a big baller) or simply remembered those dads/ father figures who unfortunately arent with us anymore.
Let’s get into those arrests.

Denver Broncos S Will Parks
Harrassment (misdemeanor)
Non physical domestic violence (Misdemeanor)


Earlier this year on March 24, police were dispatched to Mr Parks’ former girlfriends house where she had recently retrieved her stuff from Mr. Parks’ residence. Over the phone, Mr. Parks had threatened her and accused her of taking some of his belongings. The victim was visibly shaken and crying according to the arrest affidavit. One week later March 31- police interviewed Mr. Parks and later charged him with non physical domestic violence and harrassment. 3 points for non physicial domestic violence, 1 point capped for harrassment, 1 bonus point for domestic violence even if not physicial. 5 points for the Denver Broncos.

New York Giants WR Roger Lewis
OVI (Misdemeanor)



On 6/4, early sunday morning, Mr. Lewis was arrested and charged with operating a vehicle while impaired in Ohio. He was also found with .2 grams of marijuana, which was taken into evidence. He was later released under his own recognizance and faced a 6/7 court date. The Giants are aware of the arrest, but made no further comment. Mr. Lewis is an Ohio native and 2nd year player for the Giants. He has faced legal trouble in the past- charged with 2 counts of rape in high school, but was acquitted on 1, plead down on the other and just finished his 3-yrs of probation. 3 points for the New York Giants, more points may come if they charge him for the small amount of pot.

Well the Jets remain in 1st place with 21 points. The Colts are 2nd place with 16 points. The Ravens are in 3rd place with 12 points. The Seahawks are 4th place with 6 points. Da Bears are tied in 6th place with the Denver Broncos, both with 5 points each. The Cowboys are in 7th place with 4 points. The Panthers and Giants are in 9th place with 3 points, as both have the arrest tier tiebreaker over the Packers and Redskins who are both in 11th place. In 12th place are the Chargers with 2 points, holding the tiebreaker over the Cardinals and 49ers, who are tied for 14th place. The Chiefs are in 15th place with also 2 points, as they are behind on the other tiebreaker ( less # of arrests). Lastly, rounding out the board in 16th place with 1 point is the Rams.

Denver Broncos WR Latimer Arrested on Misdemeanor Warrant in CO.

There has been 1 arrest since the last update. Memorial Day weekend is usually a big one with multiple arrests, but this year that was not the case.

Denver Broncos WR Cody Latimer
-Misdemeanor Warrant


On Monday May 30th, Mr Latimer and his girlfriend, Ms. Rando were arrested in Colorado. Ms. Rando slapped Mr. Latimer in the face after an argument and then he called the police. The police ran background checks on both of them and found that Mr. Latimer had an outstanding warrant after not showing up to court for a traffic ticket involving improper lighting. Ms Rando was charged with assault and disturbing the peace, she was bailed out my Mr. Latimer. 1 point for the misdemeanor warrant and 1 bonus point for calling the cops in a domestic violence incident on your significant other but also getting arrested yourself. 2 points total for the Denver Broncos.

The LA Rams are still  in the lead with 11 points. The defending champs, Denver Broncos are in sole possession of 2nd place with 6 points. The Indianapolis Colts are in 3rd with 4 points. The Baltimore Ravens and New Orleans Saints are tied for 5th with 3 points each. Rounding out those on the board are the Carolina Panthers and Houston Texans at 6th and 7th place respectively.

The Broncos may be getting more points as CB Talib was shot in his leg early the morning on Sunday June 5th. Talib says he was at a park with friends but it is being investigated on whether he was at a Dallas  nightclub which had a shooting around the same time.  There are Texas laws regarding carrying weapons in places that serve alcohol or while intoxicated. We here at the fantasy crime league will be sure to keep you updated on the matter. Take care.

Denver Broncos FS Keo gets the off-season party started

We hope everyone had a great Valentine’s /Presidents Day (or Family Day for our neighbors up North)  weekend. For many long weekends, arrests are more likely of occurring. However, instead of  barbecues, pool parties, cookouts, blowing off part of your hand, etc, Presidents Day weekend tends to be associated with furniture/appliance sales. Any way, there was the first arrest of the off-season this past weekend and it belongs to  the defending Super Bowl Champion- Denver Broncos.

Denver Broncos FS Shiloh Keo

Well the team that kicked off the off-season with the W, also gets the first arrest. Mr. Keo was arrested for a driving under the influence charge on Saturday 2/13. He has bonded out. He mainly played in a reserve role, including special teams. The Broncos are aware of the arrest. Mr. Keo is set to become a free agent on  March 9, looks like he may have made Denver’s decision regarding his future a little bit easier. If he doesn’t get signed by the Broncos, he may have to start tweeting other defensive coordinators.
3 points for the DUI and 1 bonus point for the party starter.  4 points total.

The Denver Broncos get out to the early lead with 4 points on 1 arrest. The Bills are in the red zone, are they going to score or walk away with no points? Is Manziel going to come out of hiding and if so will it be in handcuffs? Can the Broncos achieve supreme dominance in the NFL, both on and off the field? Only time will tell. Hope you all have a good rest of the week. Remember to get your latest Fantasy Crime updates right here!