Missed April Arrests- 49ers/Redskins/Cardinals/Seahawks

After doing some internal review, just realized that last month, the arrests of the San Francisco 49ers,Washington Redskins, Arizona Cardinals, and Seattle Seahawks were inadvertently left off during the month of April. We apologize for the error. Let’s review.

Seattle Seahawks QB Trevone Boykin
-Violation of Probation

Seahawks QB Trevone Boykin arrested on warrant for probation violation

From the last arrest where Mr. Boykin was a passenger in a car that hit a bar, his reputation he continues to mar. I saw this one coming from afar, he violated his probation- so he was arrested on a warrant.
This is a separate crime. One point for the violation which is one point total for the Seattle Seahawks.

Arizona Cardinals WR Marquis Bundy
disorderly conduct (misdemeanor)
failure to obey a police officer (misdemeanor)


Early Saturday morning April 1, Mr. Bundy was arrested by Scottsdale police after an incident at International Nightclub originating from his lost hat. He was involved in a scuffle and the officers asked him several times to calm down, after he did not, Mr. Bundy was arrested for disorderly conduct and failure to obey a police officer. He was booked and later released. The Cardinals are aware of the arrest and deferring to the NFL for the personal conduct policy. No word on if he recovered his hat. 1 point each for the misdemeanors, 2 points total for the cardinals.

Washington Redskins LB Junior Galette
-Disorderly conduct (misdemeanor)
-Failure to comply with police officer (misdemeanor)


On Friday night, April 7, Mr. Galette was arrested in Mississippi after he allegedly got into a fight outside a concert at MGM Park. Once police arrived, he ran after being told to stop, and was also tasered in the process. He was booked and released on disorderly conduct and failure to comply with police officer. The skins are aware of the arrest and have no further comment. 1 point a piece for the charges and taser bonus. 3 points for the Washington Redskins.

Now Former San Francisco 49ers CB Tramaine Brock
-Suspicion of Domestic Violence (Felony)


On Thursday April 6th, in the evening, Mr. Brock was arrested after authorities responded to a domestic violence call. The female victim, who he was in a relationship with, was found at the scene to have visible injuries. He was booked and later released on Friday morning, also the 49ers released Mr. Brock that afternoon as well. Now I have looked at several sources, can’t seem to find one that says definitively he was charged, the investigation is still on going. I have reached out to Santa Clara PD on twitter to confirm, but have not heard anything. So for now, 1 arrest point, and 1 bonus point for the boot within the 24 hour time frame. Although he has been released, if he does get charged, it will be as a 49er since he was on the roster at the time of the alleged incident.
Yes, this is being treated differently than the Greene indictment, but only because the legal process (arrest) began with him being a 49er and it was during the off-season.

We have been searching through news outlets (not FAKE NEWS) for updates that states he was charged, if he is, then the points will go through.
http://www.scscourt.org/court_divisions/criminal/index_search.asp I can’t find his case on the Santa Clara County Criminal Index, but not sure how often they update it.

Jets remain in 1st place with 21 points. The Colts are 2nd place with 16 points. The Ravens are in 3rd place with 12 points. The Seahawks jump to 4th place with 6 points. Da Bears are in 5th place with 5 points. The Panthers are in 6th place with 3 points, have the arrest tier tiebreaker over the Packers and Redskins who are both in 8th place. In 9th place are the Chargers with 2 points, holding the tiebreaker over the Cardinals and 49ers, who are tied for 11th place. The Chiefs are in 12th place with also 2 points, as they are behind on the other tiebreaker ( less # of arrests). Lastly, rounding out the board in 13h place with 1 point is the Rams.
Hope you all may forgive this transgression. Take care everyone, please be sure to get your latest fantasy crime news right here!

Happy New League Year! NFC West showing up big!

Well there have been 2 confirmed arrests since the last update. NFC west is showing up big this week! Today at 4 pm EDT  the free agency signing period begins, some players are about to get paid while some players are about to get handcuffed and we ain’t talking fantasy football drafting.

San Francisco 49ers FB Bruce Miller
-Spousal Battery (Misdemeanor)

Mr. Miller was arrested last week at an undisclosed location for spousal battery charges.  Northern California Authorities said yesterday,  Monday 3/9/15. Even after all these changes to the 49ers organization, at least one thing has stayed constant, and that’s alleged criminal activity. The team has undoubtedly been a fixture in the Fantasy Crime League about as much they have been for on the field achievements in the past couple of seasons. The team is in general disarray as they have a new coaching staff and as some marquee players have left through retirement and free agency. Look for the 49ers to continue lighting up the fantasy crime scoreboard as their roster takes shape.  Since the Ray Rice fiasco, the NFL has a domestic abuse policy and look for Miller to be subject to that policy. 3 points for battery, 1 bonus point since the Goodell bot waved his finger at the players regarding domestic violence. 4 points total.

 Arizona Cardinals LB Alex Okafor
-Evading Arrest (Misdemeanor)
–  Outstanding Jaywalking Warrant (Misdemeanor )

 Well Mr. Okafor returned to his alma mater, University of Texas and had himself a good time until police asked him to get out of the street, but he kept on walking. Austin Police then chased him  on foot briefly and charged him with evading arrest after catching him. It was then later noted that he also had a misdemeanor warrant for Jaywalking so he was charged with that too. Well it seems like Mr. Okafor is much better at being in pursuit of people,  rather than the other way around. He led a very talented Arizona defense last season with 8 sacks. Sounds like the Arizona linebackers coach now has some fuel to make Okafor do some more speed drills. 2 points for evading arrest, with it counting it as a crime against justice and there’s 1 point for the jaywalking warrant. 3 points total.

As we enter the new league year, it is now a little over a month into the off-season. The Green Bay Packers still lead the league with 10 points,  Indianapolis Colts/Baltimore Ravens tied for 3rd with 6 points,  The San Francisco 49ers are in 4th place with 4 points and rounding out the leader board are the Arizona Cardinals and Dallas Cowboys both in 6th place with 3 points.  The NFC West comes on the scene hot, with 2 arrests.As of 4 pm EDT today, all players who do not have a contract with an NFL team will be considered to be a free agent until they sign a contract with an NFL team, unless they were franchise tagged. Stay tuned to the Fantasy Crime League for your Crime League updates.