FCL 2017- Final Results. The New York Jets go wire to wire!

Well folks, the run off week has been completed, no new arrests or charges have been confirmed, nor any point corrections, the final top 3 for 2017 FCL are as follows:

1st Place- New York Jets – 24 FCL Points on 3 arrests
2nd Place- Indianapolis Colts – 20 FCL Points on 2 arrests
3rd Place- Baltimore Ravens- 14 FCL Points on 1 arrest

2017 Fast Facts:

22 Teams in the NFL got a confirmed arrest, 32 total arrests for the off-season.
All Divisions in the NFL had at least 1 arrest.
The AFC South led the way in FCL Points with 35 on 4 arrests.
Both the AFC and NFC had 16 arrests total, but the AFC had 36% more FCL Points per arrest.
The number of arrests is up 50% from 2016 (16 arrests) and up 25% compared to 2015 (24 arrests)

Congratulations to the New York Jets, who look well on their way to the number one draft pick in 2018.

fcl 2017

Thanks for following the Fantasy Crime League this off-season. Enjoy the NFL season and we will see you back here after the Super Bowl. Take care.