Colts add points for drug charge, but not enough to catch Jets.

Alright, NFL football was back last night and the fantasy crime league comes to a close. What a stunner in Foxboro, the Patriots are mortal after all. Per the usual, there was some last minute movement at the top of the board. 1 charge since the last update, lets get it into it.

Now Cleveland Browns DT T.Y. McGill (Former Indianpolis Colts DT)

-Possession of marijuana (Misdemeanor)

Via the transaction list: T.Y. McGill was listed as ‘Waived, no recall’ on 9/2 by the  Indianapolis Colts. On 9/3, he was listed as  ‘Assigned Via Waivers’ by the Cleveland Browns.

At the  4 pm deadline on Saturday 9/2 for teams to get to 53 man roster., Mr. McGill was on the chopping block.

So around 00:15 on Saturday 9/2, in Charlotte, Mr. McGill was seen in the valet area of the Westin in Charlotte, NC with a small amount of mairjuana, when approached by authorities about it, he denied it at first- but was later cooperative. Presumably he was in Charlotte to see his alma mater, NC State Wolfpack play at Bank of America Stadium vs the USC Gamecocks. The Browns are aware of the charge and it will be dealt with internally. 3 points for the drug charge will be awarded to the Colts, since I believe he was on their roster at the time of the charge, unless he was waived between 00:00 and 00:30 hours on Saturday-(dont think NFL is operating at that time). Also at this time, it is assumed to be the final arrest/charge. 4 points total for Colts.

So pending the 1 week runoff:

The Jets are in 1st with 24 points.  The Colts are in 2nd with 20 points. The Ravens round out the top 3 with 14 points. The Cowboys remain in 4th place with 14 points due to tiebreaker. The Giants are in 5th place with 11 points. The 49ers are in 6th with 8 points. The Jacksonville Jaguars are in 7th with 8 points. The Oakland Raiders are in 8th place with 7 points, holding tiebreaker over the Houston Texans who are in 9th place with 7 points, and they hold tiebreaker over the Packers who are in 10th with also 7 points. The broncos are in 11th place with 7 points. Th Seahawks are in 12th with 6 points. The Bears are in 13th place with 5 points. The Bills are in 14th with 4 points. The Panthers are in 15th with 3 points and hold tiebreaker over Redskins in 16th with 3 also. In 17th place is the Chargers with 2 points, who hold tiebreaker over Cardinals in 18th place. In 19th place is the Chiefs with also 2 points. Rounding out those on the board in 22nd place are the Rams, Steelers, and Vikings, with 1 point apiece.

Take care have a great weekend. Prayers up for those in the path of Hurricane Irma, get out if you can and stay safe. We will check back in after the run off.

Baltimore Ravens are on the board- felony drug charges in Miami

Well there has been an arrest since the last update- it belongs to the always in contention- Baltimore Ravens.

Baltimore Ravens S Matt Elam

-Possession of controlled substance (felony)
-Possession of marijuana > 20 grams (felony)
-Possession of cannabis with intent to sell or deliver (felony)
-Reckless Driving (misdemeanor)

Mr. Elam was arrested in Miami on 2/25 saturday night on 3 felony drug charges and reckless driving. Police pulled the car over after he was driving erratically. The vehicle had a strong odor of marijuana and upon searching it the police allegedly had found a Gucci bag with 126 grams of marijuana, 6 oxycodone pills, about $950 in cash, a rolex, and a necklace. Also one of the passengers allegedly had a concealed pistol on him without a license. The Ravens are aware of this arrest and they have commented that Mr. Elam is not part of the plan for next year’s team. so it’s 7 points for 1st felony possession of marijuana, 3 points for capped felony possession with intent to distribute. 1 point for 3rd felony of controlled substance. 2 points for reckless driving. In an earlier update, I counted terroristic threats with assaults, so I am lumping in all drug charges together and will do so in the future. Bonus point for the send off, now he wasn’t technically cut but the team but they did say he gone, so it will be counted as such. 7 +3 +1 +2 +1 = 14 points for the Baltimore Ravens.

Well the Jets still lead with 16 points, but the Ravens are right behind with 14 points and a higher arrest tier, rounding out the board is the Chargers. Well 3 weeks into the off-season and we have 3 arrests, will this trend continue or will arrests go down like have been trending for the last couple off-seasons. Stay tuned to the fantasy crime league for all the crime updates!

Ravens, Texans, Rams are on the board. The LA Rams take the lead.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. A weekend of upsets- Diaz over McGregor, Tate over Holm, Lakers beating Warriors & confirmed yesterday, Lovie Smith is wearing orange and blue again- this time for the University of Illinois Fighting Illini. You know it’s March Baby. There has been 3 arrests since the last update, let’s get into them.

Houston Texans WR Jaelen Strong

-Arrested for Possession of Marijuana (Released pending charges by the County DA, felony?)

On 2/28 Sunday night, Jaelen Strong was arrested for possession of marijuana. Mr. Strong was in a Maserati being driven by Green Bay Packers DB, Damarious Randall that was pulled over for missing a license plate. In the video, the officers ask the occupants about if they had a medical marijuana card, all reply no, so while being searched, Strong later gives the officers 3 marijuana cigarettes.
Mr Randall and another occupant were not charged. Mr Strong was booked and later released pending charges by the county DA. I have reached out to the Scottsdale PD and they have confirmed as such. The Houston Texans are aware of the incident and are disappointed with his actions. Since he was arrested, I am awarding a point, with possibly 6 points pending if he does indeed get charged with a felony. Looking at Arizona regulations, possession of marijuana under 2 pounds is a felony, who knew that marijuana laws were so tough in AZ?

Baltimore Ravens LB Terrell Suggs
-Leaving the Scene of an Accident (Misdemeanor)
-Driving with a suspended license (Misdemeanor)

Mr. Suggs was involved in a single car collision, and was arrested by the Scottsdale PD on 3/4 in the early morning for leaving the scene of an accident and driving with a suspended license. His beemer was found in a parking lot with damage after responding to an accident call and following a trail of fluid. T Sizzle tweeted about the incident that day and the Baltimore Ravens were informed about it as well. 1 point for driving with suspended license and 2 points for leaving the scene of an accident. 3 points total. Memo to NFL Players, try to avoid driving around the Scottsdale, AZ area.

Los Angeles Rams RB Tre Mason
-Possession of marijuana, 20 grams or less (Misdemeanor)
-Reckless driving(Misdemeanor)
-Resisting an officer without violence (Misdemeanor)
-Failure to register motor vehicle (Misdemeanor, maybe)

On Saturday afternoon, 3/5, in Florida, Tre Mason was stopped by police after driving 70 mph in a 35 mph zone. The police did smell marijuana in the vehicle as well. Mr. Mason was uncooperative and after several warnings was tazed twice before being arrested. He was also found to allegedly be in possession of 12 grams of marijuana. After being put in custody, he was taken to a hospital. The Rams released a statement that they are disappointed to hear about the incident and are gathering information about it. 3 points for the wacky tobacky, 2 points for reckless driving, 2 points for resisting arrest, and 1 bonus point for being tazed twice! We have reached out to the Hollywood, FL Police Department regarding the criminal status for failure to register a motor vehicle, so that is pending. According to the statutes it’s only a misdemeanor if the tags are > 6 months expired and it’s not the first instance, so since we can’t confirm it right now it does not score. 8 points total.

One month into the off-season, the Los Angeles Rams haven’t seen the field yet in LA this season, but they are in first place with 8 points, the Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts are in a tie for 3rd, the Baltimore Ravens are in 4th place with 3 points and the Houston Texans are in 5th place with 1 point, but could easily jump in the standings if Mr. Strong were to indeed get charged.

The 2015 NFL league year ends at 4 pm EST on March 9, that means all 2015 player contracts have expired. After that, the 2016 league year is officially in full swing. It looks like time is a ticking for Johnny Football being charged for the Cleveland Browns.
Have a great rest of the week and be sure to get your latest fantasy crime league updates here!

Indianapolis Colts LB Newsome, arrested for having some loud after being too loud.

Indianapolis Colts LB Jonathan Newsome
– Possession of Marijuana (2 counts) (misdemeanor)

Jonathan Newsome’s arrest wasn’t first time cops found weed at his house

Early morning on Wednesday, 2/17, the police were called to Mr. Newsome’s apartment regarding a noise complaint. So the cops were there to inform him that it was too loud, but apparently they also found that he was in possession of some loud as well. He was arrested for 2 possession of marijuana charges. Looking at Indiana law, the reason why he got 2 charges is because there is a separate charge for those with a prior drug offense. According to the article, he was also just charged on Jan 31. The capping system is in play here. 3 points for the first misdemeanor drug charge and 1 point for the additional drug charge. 4 points total for the Indianapolis Colts.

Well folks as of now we have a virtual tie for 1st as both the Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts have 4 points on 1 arrest and an equal highest arrest tier. Both the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns are awaiting to see if they make the board this week. I hope you all have a great week and be sure to get all the latest Fantasy Crime League information here!