Ravens, Texans, Rams are on the board. The LA Rams take the lead.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. A weekend of upsets- Diaz over McGregor, Tate over Holm, Lakers beating Warriors & confirmed yesterday, Lovie Smith is wearing orange and blue again- this time for the University of Illinois Fighting Illini. You know it’s March Baby. There has been 3 arrests since the last update, let’s get into them.

Houston Texans WR Jaelen Strong

-Arrested for Possession of Marijuana (Released pending charges by the County DA, felony?)


On 2/28 Sunday night, Jaelen Strong was arrested for possession of marijuana. Mr. Strong was in a Maserati being driven by Green Bay Packers DB, Damarious Randall that was pulled over for missing a license plate. In the video, the officers ask the occupants about if they had a medical marijuana card, all reply no, so while being searched, Strong later gives the officers 3 marijuana cigarettes.
Mr Randall and another occupant were not charged. Mr Strong was booked and later released pending charges by the county DA. I have reached out to the Scottsdale PD and they have confirmed as such. The Houston Texans are aware of the incident and are disappointed with his actions. Since he was arrested, I am awarding a point, with possibly 6 points pending if he does indeed get charged with a felony. Looking at Arizona regulations, possession of marijuana under 2 pounds is a felony, who knew that marijuana laws were so tough in AZ?

Baltimore Ravens LB Terrell Suggs
-Leaving the Scene of an Accident (Misdemeanor)
-Driving with a suspended license (Misdemeanor)


Mr. Suggs was involved in a single car collision, and was arrested by the Scottsdale PD on 3/4 in the early morning for leaving the scene of an accident and driving with a suspended license. His beemer was found in a parking lot with damage after responding to an accident call and following a trail of fluid. T Sizzle tweeted about the incident that day and the Baltimore Ravens were informed about it as well. 1 point for driving with suspended license and 2 points for leaving the scene of an accident. 3 points total. Memo to NFL Players, try to avoid driving around the Scottsdale, AZ area.

Los Angeles Rams RB Tre Mason
-Possession of marijuana, 20 grams or less (Misdemeanor)
-Reckless driving(Misdemeanor)
-Resisting an officer without violence (Misdemeanor)
-Failure to register motor vehicle (Misdemeanor, maybe)


On Saturday afternoon, 3/5, in Florida, Tre Mason was stopped by police after driving 70 mph in a 35 mph zone. The police did smell marijuana in the vehicle as well. Mr. Mason was uncooperative and after several warnings was tazed twice before being arrested. He was also found to allegedly be in possession of 12 grams of marijuana. After being put in custody, he was taken to a hospital. The Rams released a statement that they are disappointed to hear about the incident and are gathering information about it. 3 points for the wacky tobacky, 2 points for reckless driving, 2 points for resisting arrest, and 1 bonus point for being tazed twice! We have reached out to the Hollywood, FL Police Department regarding the criminal status for failure to register a motor vehicle, so that is pending. According to the statutes it’s only a misdemeanor if the tags are > 6 months expired and it’s not the first instance, so since we can’t confirm it right now it does not score. 8 points total.

One month into the off-season, the Los Angeles Rams haven’t seen the field yet in LA this season, but they are in first place with 8 points, the Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts are in a tie for 3rd, the Baltimore Ravens are in 4th place with 3 points and the Houston Texans are in 5th place with 1 point, but could easily jump in the standings if Mr. Strong were to indeed get charged.

The 2015 NFL league year ends at 4 pm EST on March 9, that means all 2015 player contracts have expired. After that, the 2016 league year is officially in full swing. It looks like time is a ticking for Johnny Football being charged for the Cleveland Browns.
Have a great rest of the week and be sure to get your latest fantasy crime league updates here!

Denver Broncos FS Keo gets the off-season party started

We hope everyone had a great Valentine’s /Presidents Day (or Family Day for our neighbors up North)  weekend. For many long weekends, arrests are more likely of occurring. However, instead of  barbecues, pool parties, cookouts, blowing off part of your hand, etc, Presidents Day weekend tends to be associated with furniture/appliance sales. Any way, there was the first arrest of the off-season this past weekend and it belongs to  the defending Super Bowl Champion- Denver Broncos.

Denver Broncos FS Shiloh Keo

Well the team that kicked off the off-season with the W, also gets the first arrest. Mr. Keo was arrested for a driving under the influence charge on Saturday 2/13. He has bonded out. He mainly played in a reserve role, including special teams. The Broncos are aware of the arrest. Mr. Keo is set to become a free agent on  March 9, looks like he may have made Denver’s decision regarding his future a little bit easier. If he doesn’t get signed by the Broncos, he may have to start tweeting other defensive coordinators.
3 points for the DUI and 1 bonus point for the party starter.  4 points total.

The Denver Broncos get out to the early lead with 4 points on 1 arrest. The Bills are in the red zone, are they going to score or walk away with no points? Is Manziel going to come out of hiding and if so will it be in handcuffs? Can the Broncos achieve supreme dominance in the NFL, both on and off the field? Only time will tell. Hope you all have a good rest of the week. Remember to get your latest Fantasy Crime updates right here!

The Detriot Lions get on the board in a big way. NFC North on top!

There has been 1 confirmed arrest since the last update, and surprisingly it belongs to the Detroit Lions, who have their first alleged criminal activity of the Jim Caldwell era, that’s nearly 15 months without an arrest!

Former Detroit Lions OL Rodney Austin
-Assault on a Female (Misdemeanor)
-Assault on a child < age 12 (Misdemeanor)
-Misdemeanor Larceny
-Interfering with emergency communication (Misdemeanor)


Mr. Austin turned himself into the authorities on Friday 4/17/15 after the alleged victim went to the Mecklenburg County Magistrate’s Office and obtained a warrant for the arrest of Mr. Austin the day before (In North Carolina, this is permissible under the law). The incident which sparked the warrant was on Sunday 4/5/15 when Mr. Austin allegedly pushed the mother of his child down while she was holding their kid and then took her cell phone to forbid her from calling the authorities. When the police did arrive, they found no signs of injury and did not arrest Mr. Austin at the time.

Yes. Mr. Austin has spent much of his time with the Lions on the practice squad, but he was on the roster at the time of the arrest. (In fact, he may even come back to the team when this legal case gets resolved http://detroit.cbslocal.com/2015/04/24/mayhew-confirms-rodney-austin-could-return-to-lions-after-domestic-violence-case-resolved/)

3 points each for both assault charges, 2 points for misdemeanor larceny for taking the cell phone , 2 points for interfering with emergency communication (indirectly putting people in danger). 1 bonus point for another NFL domestic violence incident. 11 points total.

The Lions remove their division rival Packers from the top spot on the fantasy crime leader board. They have 11 points and are in 1st place. The Packers remain in 2nd with 10 points. The Ravens are in 3rd place with 9 points. The Colts and 49ers are in 4th and 5th place with 6 and 4 points respectively. Tied for 7th place are the Cowboys and Cardinals with a field goal. The Saints and Steelers round out 8th and 9th place. The rest of the league has no points. The NFC North holds the top 2 spots and accounts for nearly 43% of the total FCL points. The NFC and AFC are similar in arrests, (6 vs 5 respectively), but the NFC averages 2 points more per arrest and has 66% of the total FCL points.

Well it’s a big sports week, with the NFL draft starting on Thursday, where we will all be getting new players on our FCL rosters. As of now before the draft, without any trades: the Seahawks have 11 picks, while the Bills, Bears, Lions, Dolphins, Jets, Rams, & Chargers all have 6 picks each.

For clarification: any team that drafts a player has his rights until the moment said player signs with another team and/or is cut. This is for easiness in that the rules don’t stipulate that a player must sign with the team that drafted him to count as being on the roster. Aside from the draft, the NHL/NBA playoffs are in full swing, the Kentucky Derby, & of course the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight. Will any NFL big shots be in Vegas for the fight? Will Wes Welker say hi to molly and pass out benji’s at the derby again? Only time will tell, May 2 can’t get here soon enough…

Former Ravens RB Pierce Arrested for DUI, now is on the roster nevermore..

There has been 1 confirmed arrest since the last update. Looks like there was some luck and there was an arrest post-St. Paddy’s Day. The arrest belongs to no other than the Fantasy Crime League juggernaut, the Baltimore Ravens. Their roster now has 1 RB more spot to fill. Glad to know that this team is taking a stand against crime. Those accused of committing crimes, quoth the Ravens GM, will be on the team “nevermore”.

Former Baltimore Ravens RB Bernard Pierce
-Driving Under the Influence (Misdemeanor)


“Once upon a midnight dreary, Mr. Pierce operated a vehicle, allegedly drunk and weary,
After many a quaint and curious volume of alcohol poured,
While he drove, maybe napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As an officer was forcibly rapping, rapping at his car door.”

Mr. Pierce was arrested in Towson, MD around 2 am. on Wednesday, March 18 after he was stopped for going 20 mph over the limit. He failed all three field sobriety tests. Upon getting arrested, Pierce told the officer, “Do you know what happened the last time a Ravens player got a DUI? I’m getting cut tomorrow. Not like you care.” Although the officer may not care, we here at the Fantasy Crime League do. If football doesn’t work out, Mr. Pierce may have a career in being a psychic. He was correct about being cut from the Ravens, but incorrect about the date as he got the boot the very same day. 3 points total for the DUI.

The Green Bay Packers with 10 points remain in first place in the Fantasy Crime League, but by the slimmest of margins. The Baltimore Ravens have sole possession of second place with 9 points. The Indianapolis Colts remain in third at 6 points. The San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys, Arizona Cardinals, and Pittsburgh Steelers round out 4th, 6th, and 7th places respectively. The rest of the NFL teams, are yet to get on the board.

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Happy New League Year! NFC West showing up big!

Well there have been 2 confirmed arrests since the last update. NFC west is showing up big this week! Today at 4 pm EDT  the free agency signing period begins, some players are about to get paid while some players are about to get handcuffed and we ain’t talking fantasy football drafting.

San Francisco 49ers FB Bruce Miller
-Spousal Battery (Misdemeanor)

Mr. Miller was arrested last week at an undisclosed location for spousal battery charges.  Northern California Authorities said yesterday,  Monday 3/9/15. Even after all these changes to the 49ers organization, at least one thing has stayed constant, and that’s alleged criminal activity. The team has undoubtedly been a fixture in the Fantasy Crime League about as much they have been for on the field achievements in the past couple of seasons. The team is in general disarray as they have a new coaching staff and as some marquee players have left through retirement and free agency. Look for the 49ers to continue lighting up the fantasy crime scoreboard as their roster takes shape.  Since the Ray Rice fiasco, the NFL has a domestic abuse policy and look for Miller to be subject to that policy. 3 points for battery, 1 bonus point since the Goodell bot waved his finger at the players regarding domestic violence. 4 points total.

 Arizona Cardinals LB Alex Okafor
-Evading Arrest (Misdemeanor)
–  Outstanding Jaywalking Warrant (Misdemeanor )

 Well Mr. Okafor returned to his alma mater, University of Texas and had himself a good time until police asked him to get out of the street, but he kept on walking. Austin Police then chased him  on foot briefly and charged him with evading arrest after catching him. It was then later noted that he also had a misdemeanor warrant for Jaywalking so he was charged with that too. Well it seems like Mr. Okafor is much better at being in pursuit of people,  rather than the other way around. He led a very talented Arizona defense last season with 8 sacks. Sounds like the Arizona linebackers coach now has some fuel to make Okafor do some more speed drills. 2 points for evading arrest, with it counting it as a crime against justice and there’s 1 point for the jaywalking warrant. 3 points total.

As we enter the new league year, it is now a little over a month into the off-season. The Green Bay Packers still lead the league with 10 points,  Indianapolis Colts/Baltimore Ravens tied for 3rd with 6 points,  The San Francisco 49ers are in 4th place with 4 points and rounding out the leader board are the Arizona Cardinals and Dallas Cowboys both in 6th place with 3 points.  The NFC West comes on the scene hot, with 2 arrests.As of 4 pm EDT today, all players who do not have a contract with an NFL team will be considered to be a free agent until they sign a contract with an NFL team, unless they were franchise tagged. Stay tuned to the Fantasy Crime League for your Crime League updates.

February started off with a bang, will there be March Mayhem?

Since the last update, there have been 2 NFL arrests, one of which resulted in no charges. There has been a lull in Fantasy Crime Activity for the past couple of weeks and we believe that those reasons will be over soon.
1. Spring is just around the corner
2. Free agents can sign their new contracts March 10.
We are pretty sure that they will find some ways to “celebrate” their new and improved contracts or just “enjoy” the warmer weather.

Former Baltimore Ravens CB Victor Hampton
-DWI (Misdemeanor)
-Reckless Driving (Misdemeanor)
-Open Container (Misdemeanor)

On February 28, 2015 Mr. Hampton was pulled over in Charlotte for doing 100 mph in a 55 mph zone. His BAC was found to be .10. Also Mr. Hampton’s passengers allegedly hid weapons under the front passengers seats, as they were charged with carrying a concealed weapon, carrying a weapon after consuming alcohol and open container charges. Following the arrest and charges, Mr. Hampton was dropped from his contract with the Ravens. The Ravens led the Fantasy Crime League in the number of arrests last year and it took them a month, but they are now on the board. They have a next criminal up mentality in Baltimore. 3 points for DWI, 2 points for reckless driving, and 1 point for open container. 6 points total.

Green Bay Packers DB Jarrett Bush
-Public Intoxication (Not Charged)

Mr. Bush was arrested in California for public intoxication following a kerfuffle at an Italian restaurant on March 1, 2015. When the authorities arrived, Mr. Bush refused to leave the establishment and was causing a disturbance, he was then arrested. Mr. Bush was cooperative in custody and then released without charges. Looks like Mr. Bush met his peers at the wrong time in our Italian restaurant. This off season, the Green Bay Packers have had 2 arrests, which is unprecedented activity for them in the Fantasy Crime League. No charges, no points.

Notes about franchise tags- these tagged players are with their 2014 team going into the 2015 off-season. Houston (KC), Bryant (DAL), Clay (MIA), Gostkowski (NE), D.Thomas (DEN), & Pierre-Paul (NYG)

If a player was not tagged ie. Suh, he is still with the Lions until March 10  at the time his contract expires- 4 pm EDT, after that, he is a free agent until he signs with an NFL team. All free agents- restricted or unrestricted will be treated the same.

The Green Bay Packers are still the surprise of the off-season, leading the competition with 10 points. Traditional Fantasy Crime League powers: the Indianapolis Colts and Baltimore Ravens are tied for 3rd place with 6 points a piece, and America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys, are in 4th place- on the board with 3 points. The rest of the league has no points. Once free agency hits and players sign, we have a feeling they may not be as well-behaved as they have been previously. The Fantasy Crime League will be sure to keep you updated on all the off-season activity.

Presidents’ Day Weekend Update!

Well folks, the fantasy crime league usually experiences some activity over long weekends, but Presidents’ Day weekend is definitely not anywhere near the top. Memorial Day weekend and 4th of July weekend are the big ones to watch out for. As the weather heats up, so does the crime league. There was 1 citation from earlier in the month, and 1 detainment yesterday.

1 Citation

Indianapolis Colts RB Ahmad Bradshaw
-Possession of Marijuana (Misdemeanor)

Mr. Bradshaw was pulled over and cited for possession of marijuana on Feb 5. He has pleaded not guilty. He probably has enough green to fight this charge over a small amount of green. The Colts are hot out of the gate with a drug charge and assault charge. Not to mention another player who has got charged with rape, battery, and criminal confinement during the week of the AFC Championship. Last off-season the Colts owner, Jim Irsay had a league-high tying arrest with 23 points (4 felony drug charges, 1 DUI, 1 owner bonus point) and his team is surely trying to step up to his level this off-season. 3 points total for the misdemeanor drug charge.
1 Detainment- (was previously stated as arrested on some news outlets)

Philadelphia Eagles S Nate Allen
-Accusation of Indecent Exposure (still under investigation, has not been charged)

Well folks, this is a fantasy crime league first, Mr. Allen was detained, but was reported as arrested. He was taken into custody.  He spent 4+ hours in custody after he was pulled over from a report that he was performing a lewd act in front of 2 teenage girls at an intersection on 2/16. He has not been charged but the investigation is ongoing. The FantasyCrimeLeague.com sincerely hopes that this incident, if found to be a false accusation, doesn’t tarnish this man’s reputation in any way. Are there any criminal lawyers out there? Is there a time limit on detainment vs arrests? The twitter account for Fort Myers PD says he was only detained so that is what we are going with, 0 points.
Barely into the 3rd week, the Packers lead the fantasy crime league with 10 points, the Colts are  in 2nd with 6 points and the Cowboys are on the board with a field goal at 3 points.

Only halfweek through the 1st week & there’s been plenty of action!

Well folks, it sure looks like the NFL’s VP of public relations is going to have another busy off-season.

There have been 4 NFL player arrests this week, 5 if you count alumni.

Let’s start out with the near miss:

Former Baltimore Raven DT Terrance Cody has been indicted for:

  • Two counts of aggravated animal cruelty. (Felony)
  • Five counts of animal abuse or neglect involving a dog. (Misdemeanor)
  • One count of illegal possession of an alligator. (Misdemeanor)
  • Five counts of animal abuse or neglect involving an alligator. (Misdemeanor)
  • One count of possession with intent to use drug paraphernalia. (Misdemeanor)
  • One count of possession of marijuana. (Misdemeanor)


Earlier last month, it was reported that Mr. Cody would be released by the Ravens, it should be noted that he was set to become a free agent. The reason for the otherwise unusual release announcement would be that he was under investigation for animal cruelty. The Ravens probably needed to do this ahead of time after last year’s league leading 5 offseason arrests, including the Ray Rice fiasco.  What could be greater than golf with a gator? Apparently it sounds like Mr. Cody was trying to find out.  He was indicted on February 2, 2015, which also was the same day he was released.  Due to the fact that Mr. Cody was released before he was indicted, none of these alleged crimes will count towards the Fantasy Crime League.

These 3 arrests do count for inclusion in the Fantasy Crime League.

Green Bay Packers DT Leroy Guion

  • Possession of Marijuana (Felony)
  • Possession of a firearm (Felony)


Mr. Guion was arrested in Florida, Tuesday night, 2/3, after being pulled over. He was found to have 190 grand in cash, 357 grams of marijuana and a handgun. The Green Bay Packers typically do not make a splash in free agency as they also do in the fantasy crime league, but it looks like Mr. Guion should have (discount) double checked his stash and cash, because in Florida- felony possession is 20 grams and up, according to NORML.org. The felony drug charge and felony gun charge are 5 points a piece, 10 points total for the Green Bay Packers.

Dallas Cowboys RB Joseph Randle

  • Unlawful Possession of Marijuana (Misdemeanor)


Well it seems that Mr. Randle has found himself within the long arm of the law again. Last time, he was arrested for shoplifting underwear and cologne. Early Tuesday morning, 2/3, Mr. Randle was arrested for unlawful possession of marijuana in Kansas after police responded to a domestic disturbance with a weapon call which led them to his hotel room.  There’s has been no confirmation on where the alleged marijuana was found, but we could imagine the police checked the underwear drawer first. 3 points for the misdemeanor drug charge.

Indianapolis Colts LB D’Qwell Jackson

  • Assault (Misdemeanor)


Mr. Jackson is the player who assisted in setting off  the #Deflategate / #Ballghazi story by intercepting Tom Brady in that AFC championship beatdown. He was arrested Tuesday night 2/3, for allegedly punching a pizza delivery driver after disputing a parking spot. “It’s not assault, it’s your face meeting an NFL player’s fist” 3 points for the misdemeanor assault charge.

Well folks, all this happened through Tuesday, let’s see if we can get through 24 hours without an NFL arrest. Either way, surely we will keep you all updated here at the Fantasy Crime League.

Let the crimes begin!

Yesterday was the end of the NFL season, culminating in a great game. (would talk about it more, but we don’t wanna refer to it in any copyright infringing ways) We have now entered the dark time in the sports calendar year which goes until March Madness and then it picks up again after that. The off-season is officially in full swing and we will be tracking all the Fantasy Crime League news from now until the first regular season NFL game.

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