NY Jets ascend to take sole possession of 1st Place. KC Chiefs get an indictment point.

Since the last update, there has been 1 arrest and 1 indictment that doesnt count unfortunately. Let’s get into it.

New York Jets WR Robby Anderson
-Obstruction of Justice (Misdemeanor Miami Ordinance)
-Resisting Arrest with Violence (Felony)


On Sunday May 7, Mr. Anderson was arrested at the Rolling Loud Music Festival for allegedly fighting with security after being asked to leave. The cop who arrested Mr. Anderson, has had previous run-ins with NFLers and been accused of using excessive force. Mr. Anderson was charged with Resisting arrest with violence and obstruction of a police officer.
4 points for the felony resisting, 1 point capped for obstruction as it is in the same realm. Despite being at the Rolling Loud Festival he was not found to have any molly or loud on him, so that’s a positive at least. 5 points for the J-E-T-E Jets jets jets.

Now Free Agent LB Khaseem Greene
-Unlawful Gun Possession


Okay, so a former KC Chiefs player – Khaseem Greene (Also a 2013 bears draft pick and Schiano man as well!) was indicted on unlawful gun possession on May 9th, stemming from a December 2016 NJ shooting, and he was released by the team after. However, Mr. Greene was initially charged with same offense on January 4th, 2017. So looking at the NJ Criminal Procedure website and speaking with the reporter who has read the court documentation, it seems that this is the same charge, but has made it’s way down the process further while he was on the Chiefs roster. I believe the indictment came down after the co-defendant testified that Mr. Greene did give him said gun. Also only felonious type offenses are indictable, and this is one of them. So he was charged in January as a Free Agent and before the FCL season, but the DA brought the case to a grand jury during the FCL season, as a KC Chief to further process the charge.

So unfortunately, I will not be awarding the full points, but rather just 1 indictment point, similar to an arrest that doesn’t result in a charge. I am not an attorney, but I have reached out to lawyers/legal experts and their recommendations were in line with this thinking.


Well the Jets are now in sole possession of 1st place with 21 points. The Colts fall to 2nd place with 16 points. The Ravens are in 3rd place with 12 points. The Seahawks are in 4th place with 5 points and hold the tiebreaker over the Bears in 5th place with also 5 points due to the higher arrest tier charge. Tied for 7th place are the Packers and Panthers each with 3 points. In 8th place are the Chargers with 2 points. The Chiefs are in 9th place with also 2 points. In 10th place, on the board with 1 point is the Rams. It is Memorial Day weekend coming up, which means honoring our fallen servicemen and women and it is the unofficial start of summer. There typically is some FCL action over the long weekend, so please take care everyone let’s leave the alleged criminal activity to the league.