Colts add points for drug charge, but not enough to catch Jets.

Alright, NFL football was back last night and the fantasy crime league comes to a close. What a stunner in Foxboro, the Patriots are mortal after all. Per the usual, there was some last minute movement at the top of the board. 1 charge since the last update, lets get it into it.

Now Cleveland Browns DT T.Y. McGill (Former Indianpolis Colts DT)

-Possession of marijuana (Misdemeanor)

Via the transaction list: T.Y. McGill was listed as ‘Waived, no recall’ on 9/2 by the  Indianapolis Colts. On 9/3, he was listed as  ‘Assigned Via Waivers’ by the Cleveland Browns.

At the  4 pm deadline on Saturday 9/2 for teams to get to 53 man roster., Mr. McGill was on the chopping block.

So around 00:15 on Saturday 9/2, in Charlotte, Mr. McGill was seen in the valet area of the Westin in Charlotte, NC with a small amount of mairjuana, when approached by authorities about it, he denied it at first- but was later cooperative. Presumably he was in Charlotte to see his alma mater, NC State Wolfpack play at Bank of America Stadium vs the USC Gamecocks. The Browns are aware of the charge and it will be dealt with internally. 3 points for the drug charge will be awarded to the Colts, since I believe he was on their roster at the time of the charge, unless he was waived between 00:00 and 00:30 hours on Saturday-(dont think NFL is operating at that time). Also at this time, it is assumed to be the final arrest/charge. 4 points total for Colts.

So pending the 1 week runoff:

The Jets are in 1st with 24 points.  The Colts are in 2nd with 20 points. The Ravens round out the top 3 with 14 points. The Cowboys remain in 4th place with 14 points due to tiebreaker. The Giants are in 5th place with 11 points. The 49ers are in 6th with 8 points. The Jacksonville Jaguars are in 7th with 8 points. The Oakland Raiders are in 8th place with 7 points, holding tiebreaker over the Houston Texans who are in 9th place with 7 points, and they hold tiebreaker over the Packers who are in 10th with also 7 points. The broncos are in 11th place with 7 points. Th Seahawks are in 12th with 6 points. The Bears are in 13th place with 5 points. The Bills are in 14th with 4 points. The Panthers are in 15th with 3 points and hold tiebreaker over Redskins in 16th with 3 also. In 17th place is the Chargers with 2 points, who hold tiebreaker over Cardinals in 18th place. In 19th place is the Chiefs with also 2 points. Rounding out those on the board in 22nd place are the Rams, Steelers, and Vikings, with 1 point apiece.

Take care have a great weekend. Prayers up for those in the path of Hurricane Irma, get out if you can and stay safe. We will check back in after the run off.