49ers’ disastrous off-season keeps on rolling, we have a new number 1 in the FCL

Wake up,  wake up, wake up its the first of the month. Which also happens to be the last calendar month of the fantasy crime league. Only 9 days away from the NFL’s Golden Season kickoff on Thursday 9/10.
Well there has been one NFLer charged since the last update.

San Francisco 49ers LB Ahmad Brooks
-Sexual Battery (Misdemeanor)

Mr. Brooks and former teammate Mr. McDonald were charged on a  count of sexual battery and rape of an intoxicated person respectively. The charges stem from an incident in December 2014 at Mr. McDonald’s home in Santa Clara. The 49ers were aware of this fact at the time. Although this is a sexual battery charge, it is a misdemeanor, but I will count it as 4 points because of it’s aggravating nature. On the scoring table- felonies and up are 4 points, since I had sexual assault being 8 points, I will have to clarify that forceful rapes are 8 points, (for statutory rape I will make a ruling based on the facts) 4 points for misdemeanor sexual battery, 1 bonus point for the proverbial cherry on top of a great off-season for the Santa Clara 49ers.

The latest standings:  The San Francisco 49ers take the lead with 17 points. The  surprise of the fantasy crime league, the Green Bay Packers fall to 2nd with 14 points.  The rest of  standings remain the same so the Detroit Lions and Kansas City Chiefs are tied for 4th place. The Houston Texans are in 5th place holding the tiebreaker over the Baltimore Ravens in 6th place. The Chicago Bears are in 7th place, Indianapolis Colts are in 8th place, while the New York Jets, Atlanta Falcons, and Tennessee Titans are tied for 11th place. The Buffalo Bills hold on to the 12th spot, while the New Orleans Saints are in 13th place. The Arizona Cardinals, Dallas Cowboys, and Carolina Panthers are tied for 16th place with the Pittsburgh Steelers are on the board, rounding out 17th place.  The NFC North still leads all divisions by far with 32 points on 5 arrests, the next highest is the AFC South with 21 points on 4 arrests, NFC West is in 3rd with 20 points on 4 arrests.  The NFC has 58.3% of total arrests, and 56.7% of total fantasy crime points.  So the Fantasy Crime League ends on 9/10 with the kickoff of the first game, but there is a one week run off- for any previous arrests/charges to be reported, after that, the standings will lock and the Fantasy Crime League champion will be crowned. Stay tuned here for all the latest updates.

Big Update: Chiefs, Panthers, Jets, & Titans get on the board, 49ers rise to 2nd place.

The Fantasy Crime League has gotten 6 arrests since the last update. Pre-season football is underway and we are weeks away from the beginning of the regular season.

Tennessee Titans WR Justin Hunter
-Felonious Assault (Felony)


Mr. Hunter turned himself in to authorities on Monday July 20, for his alleged involvement at a July 3rd incident in Virginia Beach where a large fight occurred and a victim was taken to the hospital. The VA Beach Inmate Database has a man with the DOB as Mr. Hunter was charged with “malicious intent, stabbing, cutting, wounding” although later reports do not mention that the victim had any stab wounds, only a broken jaw and chipped tooth.. Hunter was released on 25 K bond the next day and is expected to be at Titans training camp which begins July 31st. The felony assault is 4 points, with a bonus point which is 5 points total for the Tennessee Titans.

Former Kansas City Chiefs CB Justin Cox
-Aggravated Domestic Violence(felony)
-Trespassing (misdemeanor)
-Burglary of a residence (felony)


Mr. Cox was arrested on July 20 for aggravated domestic violence, trespassing, and burglary of a residence after a call was placed to authorities regarding an alleged incident at Aspen Heights Apartment complex. This is Mr. Cox’s 2nd domestic violence charge in less than a year, as he was charged in Nov. 2014 when he was with the Mississippi State University Bulldogs. He signed with Chiefs as a undrafted free agent in May 2015. He was released on July 21. Felony domestic violence is 4 points, 4 points for the felony burglary charge, 2 points for the misdemeanor trespassing charge (in connection with burglary- its a crime against property), and 1 bonus point for another domestic violence incident. 11 points for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Former Carolina Panthers WR Stephen Hill
-Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (misdemeanor)


Mr. Hill was cited on July 28th for possession of drug paraphernalia after he was pulled over after a police officer noticed him without a seat belt (some news outlets are reporting it as a misdemeanor- it is not, only an ). The officer found him in possession of 2 grinders with marijuana residue. Mr. Hill tore his ACL on August 2 and was cut from the team. Drugs are bad, mmmkay. 3 points total for the Carolina Panthers.

New York Jets DT Sheldon Richardson
-Street Racing
-Resisting Arrest


Mr. Richardson was suspended by the league for 4 games for violating the substance abuse policy. Only an hour after Mr. Richardson said, “I apologized to my teammates and this organization, and I told them they don’t have to worry about my name being in the news again.” a report came out that Mr. Richardson’s name indeed was in the news again for an arrest on July 14 in Missouri. He was arrested in connection with a road race, (clocked at 143 mph in his Bentley ) and evading police. He parked in a residential neighborhood, but the cops saw his brake light. Andrew Quarless laughed at his horrible GTA-esque attempt to hide. Richardson was with 2 male adult passengers as well as a 12 year old boy. The authorities smelled marijuana in the car, but found none. They also found a loaded handgun. No charges for drugs, the gun was properly registered, and there was not enough definitive proof to charge for child endangerment.

2 for street racing, 2 for resisting arrest and a bonus point for that hilarious news conference (did he actually think the story wouldn’t come out haha) . 5 points total for the New York Jets.

Breaking: Geno Smith’s jaw requires surgery and he is out 6-10 weeks after being punched by a now former teammate in the locker room. Smith has the right to press charges, but I bet he’s not talking about it at this time. I heard he wasn’t wearing the red jersey at the time, so he should have known it’s full go in the locker room. Should Mr. Enemkpali be charged, the points will go to the Buffalo Bills.

Former New Orleans Saints LB Junior Galette
-Driving with a suspended license
-Driving a vehicle with expired license
-Driving with an improper brake tag


On July 7th, Mr. Galette was cited for 3 traffic violations, and his arraignment was on August 10th. Mr. Galette was arrested earlier this year for domestic violence, but the charges were dropped, he does face a civil suit from that incident though. In addition, the Saints and the NFL were made aware of a 2013 video that surfaced in July that allegedly shows Galette striking a woman with a belt during a group scuffle on a beach that was recorded by an onlooker.As a result of these transgressions,formerly the New Orleans defensive captain, Mr. Galette was released by the Saints on July 24.
I looked at the Louisiana statues, found nothing for brake tag being a misdemeanor- only fines, unless it was a fraudulent use of them. I’m giving 2 points for the expired plate and suspended license. 2 points total for the New Orleans Saints.

Former San Francisco 49ers LB Aldon Smith
-Hit and Run


The explosive pass rusher Aldon Smith, who is a Fantasy Crime League All-Star (4 seasons with 49ers with 5 separate incidents, including 3 DUIs, guns/drug charges, and a bomb incident at LAX) was arrested on Friday August 7th for DUI, Hit and Run, and Vandalism by Santa Clara Police. According to TMZ, Smith’s ex-girlfriend is now with Kaepernick and they got into a training camp scuffle. Smith is all-done with the 49ers as he was released August 8th. Smith maintains that he was not under the influence and that the truth will come out. 3 points for DUI, 2 points for hit and run, 2 points for vandalism, and a bonus point for probably the worst off-season ever. Somewhere in Ann Arbor, Jim Harbaugh is laughing, presumably hard. 8 points total for the Santa Clara 49ers.

Housekeeping: Bills OL Coach Kromer got the battery charge dropped- so that was the only charge and that remains a 4 pointer. The points have been accurately adjusted.

A Cardinals player was arrested the night before the super bowl- so it does not count within the Fantasy Crime League. Well for the latest standings: The Green Bay Packers still lead with 14 points. The San Francisco 49ers jump to 2nd place. The Detroit Lions and Kansas City Chiefs are tied for 4th place. The Houston Texans are in 5th place holding the tiebreaker over the Baltimore Ravens in 6th place. The Chicago Bears are in 7th place, Indianapolis Colts are in 8th place, while the New York Jets, Atlanta Falcons, and Tennessee Titans are tied for 11th place. The Buffalo Bills hold on to the 12th spot, while the New Orleans Saints are in 13th place. The Arizona Cardinals, Dallas Cowboys, and Carolina Panthers are tied for 16th place with the Pittsburgh Steelers are on the board, rounding out 17th place. Well looks like more than half of the 32 teams have an arrest and all divisions have an arrest. The NFC North still leads all divisions by far with 32 points on 5 arrests, the next highest is the AFC South with 21 points on 4 arrests.

The NFL regular season is so close we can feel it and that means that the fantasy crime league is winding down. So be sure to get all your FCL news here! Take care everyone.

afc nfc 1

Chicago Bears end 5 week drought. NFC North continues domination!

Former Chicago Bears DL Ray McDonald
-Domestic Violence (Misdemeanor )
-Child Endangerment (Assumed Misdemeanor)



Mr. McDonald has had his fair share of legal troubles lately. This is his second arrest in 9 months and he is currently a suspect in an ongoing sexual assault investigation (which is the reason why he got cut by 49ers midseason in 2014-15). According to the reports, on Monday morning May 25th, police were called to an apartment in Santa Clara, CA around 3:48 am when it was reported that a woman locked herself in a room and McDonald allegedly broke a door down and attacked her while she was holding the baby. When police arrived, Mr. McDonald was not there, but he was found and arrested hours later in San Jose, at former 49ers teammate Justin Smith’s house. Yesterday, hours after his arrest was reported, Mr. McDonald was released by the Chicago Bears. Right now the Child Endangerment charge is assumed to be a misdemeanor, will stay at that, unless it is confirmed to be a felony. According to the news report video, the domestic violence was a misdemeanor. Since both charges were a crime directly against people, they will be scored as such. Domestic Violence= 3 points, Child Endangerment = 3 points, 1 bonus point for another NFL domestic violence charge, which seem to keep coming even with the shield’s attempts to stop them from happening. 7 Points total for Mr. McDonald.

One note about the San Francisco 49ers, one of their players- Ahmad Brooks was sued earlier this month by a woman, but it is in civil court- not criminal, therefore no points have been awarded at this time. Mr. Ray McDonald is also suing this same woman for defamation.

With the Chicago Bears breaking the NFL arrest drought, they have put the NFC North above all divisions, including the entire AFC! 3/4 teams in the division have an arrest- the only team not to have anything on the board, is the Minnesota Vikings. This division is on a roll as they have 50% of the NFL overall Fantasy Crime points, and 70% of NFC Fantasy Crime points.

The Detroit Lions still lead the standings with 11 points, the Green Bay Packers are in 2nd with 10 points. The Baltimore Ravens are in 3rd with 9 points. The Chicago Bears come onto the leader board in 4th place with a touchdown. The Indianapolis Colts fall to 5th place with 6 points. The San Francisco 49ers are in 6th place with 4 points. The Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals are tied for 8th place with 3 points. The New Orleans Saints are in 9th place with 2 points and the Pittsburgh Steelers round out 10th place with 1 point. The rest of the league has no arrests. Make sure to get your official crime updates here only at FantasyCrimeLeague.com!