Denver Broncos WR Latimer Arrested on Misdemeanor Warrant in CO.

There has been 1 arrest since the last update. Memorial Day weekend is usually a big one with multiple arrests, but this year that was not the case.

Denver Broncos WR Cody Latimer
-Misdemeanor Warrant

On Monday May 30th, Mr Latimer and his girlfriend, Ms. Rando were arrested in Colorado. Ms. Rando slapped Mr. Latimer in the face after an argument and then he called the police. The police ran background checks on both of them and found that Mr. Latimer had an outstanding warrant after not showing up to court for a traffic ticket involving improper lighting. Ms Rando was charged with assault and disturbing the peace, she was bailed out my Mr. Latimer. 1 point for the misdemeanor warrant and 1 bonus point for calling the cops in a domestic violence incident on your significant other but also getting arrested yourself. 2 points total for the Denver Broncos.

The LA Rams are still  in the lead with 11 points. The defending champs, Denver Broncos are in sole possession of 2nd place with 6 points. The Indianapolis Colts are in 3rd with 4 points. The Baltimore Ravens and New Orleans Saints are tied for 5th with 3 points each. Rounding out those on the board are the Carolina Panthers and Houston Texans at 6th and 7th place respectively.

The Broncos may be getting more points as CB Talib was shot in his leg early the morning on Sunday June 5th. Talib says he was at a park with friends but it is being investigated on whether he was at a Dallas  nightclub which had a shooting around the same time.  There are Texas laws regarding carrying weapons in places that serve alcohol or while intoxicated. We here at the fantasy crime league will be sure to keep you updated on the matter. Take care.